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  • HSDc Sequence Plugin tutorial

    HSDc Sequence Plugin Online Help

  • HSDc Sequence Plugin User Guide | Read
  • Video Demonstrations

  • Getting Started (Install Demo) | Link to youtube directly: Demo
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 1.Generate Sequence Diagram from Source Code

      ♦ (Microsoft C# code)Link to youtube directly: Demo
      ♦ (Microsoft VB .NET code)Link to youtube directly: Demo

    Sample Code

  • Microsoft C# Sample Code | Download
  • Microsoft VB .NET Sample Code | Download
  • Java Sample Code
  • Case Studies

  • Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation, THS | Read
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute, ITRI | Read
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    1.Sequence Plugin Design Concept (Read)
    by Ringle Lai
    2.Keep Software Soft
    by Kenming Wang